Sleep Apnea Smile Gallery – Birmingham

We’ve talked quite a bit about how effective sleep apnea can be, but seeing is believing, especially when it comes to great dental work. The entire team here at Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry take pride in the results we achieve with sleep apnea and other options for enhanced dental care, which is why we’re happy to share these pictures with you.

See the Difference That Sleep Apnea Can Make

Here you can check actual before and after photos of patients in the Birmingham area who have received sleep apnea treatment. The results are quite dramatic even though the sleep apnea themselves are so subtle that no one will notice them. This effectiveness is why sleep apnea are often used in smile makeovers all over the country.

Schedule a Consultation for Sleep Apnea in Birmingham

After reading our site and looking at these before and after photos, you know just how effective sleep apnea treatment can be. We encourage you to contact our Birmingham cosmetic dentistry practice to learn more about sleep apnea. Dr. Michael Maniscalco and the entire staff at Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry will be able to answer all of your questions and address your concerns.