CPAP Machine and Sleep Apnea – Birmingham

Since sleep apnea involves blockages of the air passages, one way to treat it is to ensure proper and consistent airflow during sleep. The CPAP machine is one way to achieve this and is one of the more common and popular treatments for sleep apnea. When you visit our Birmingham practice to discuss sleep apnea with Dr. Michael Maniscalco, he will determine if the CPAP machine is the best option for you and your needs.

What is the CPAP machine?

sleep apneaCPAP stands for “continuous positive airway pressure.” The CPAP machine consists of a mask (usually a mouthpiece and/or nosepiece), a small console, and a hose that connects the two. If you require some tips and guidelines on the use of the CPAP machine, the team at our Birmingham practice will be able to address your questions.

How the CPAP Machine Works

When a patient sleeps, he or she will put on the mask and turn on the CPAP machine. The machine will help supply steady and consistent air pressure to the nasal passageways and throat, which helps prevent blockages. Patients are then allowed to sleep as they usually would, free from potential interrupted breathing or stopped breathing through the night.

Risks and Benefits of CPAP Machine Treatment

There are many benefits to the CPAP machine to consider. Sleep Apnea CPAPFirst of all, using the CPAP machine means a non-surgical solution to sleep apnea. Additionally, there are many different models of CPAP machine to choose from. The team at our practice serving Birmingham can help you select a CPAP machine if it seems a good option for you.

The CPAP machine is not without its risks, however. Some patients find the mouthpiece/nosepiece uncomfortable, and they may be bothered by the air pressure that is forced into their nose and/or mouth. Sometimes the sound of the CPAP machine may be bothersome to some patients, though CPAP machines are relatively silent overall. Both dry mouth and a dry or stuffy nose can occur due to the CPAP machine as well.

Learn More About Sleep Apnea Treatments in Birmingham

The CPAP machine has proven to be very successful for many people who have sleep apnea. It’s a great option that is generally non-invasive and yet extremely effective. To schedule a consultation to learn more about the CPAP machine, contact our Birmingham practice for sleep apnea treatment today. Dr. Maniscalco and our entire staff look forward to discussing the CPAP machine with you in person.